finally, a sensible way to produce profit

finally, a reliable way to produce biofuels

finally, an environmentally conscious way to produce food

finally, a sustainable way to produce biomass

finally, a sustainable way to produce biofuels

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ISAS™ Science

Over the past thirty years, there have been countless of research and science papers written about ISAS™.  See the articles below to learn more about the underlying science of ISAS™.

Global Warming: Effect,
Solution, Opportunity

Rethinking Agriculture in
Warming Climate

Rethink Agriculture For The
21st Century

Agricultural Production of Halophytes Irrigated with Seawater

Salicornia Bigelovii Torr.: An Oilseed Halophyte for Seawater Irrigation

Water Requirements for Cultivating Salicornia Bigelovii Torr. with Seawater  on Sand in a Coastal Desert Environment

Salicornia Distribution
Around The World

Halophytes - A Precious Resource

Reserving the Flow: Water and Nutrients from the Sea to the Land