finally, an environmentally conscious way to produce profit

finally, a socially responsible way to produce biofuels

finally, a sensible way to produce biomass

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Site Surveys

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Identification & Assessment  The New Nile Co team worked closely with various Egyptian government organizations, including the Egyptian Agricultural Research Center and the American University in Cairo (Desert Development Center) with whom New Nile Co has long term cooperation agreements, to identify and assess potential sites along the Mediterranean and Red Sea coastlines to host New Nile Co’s Egypt ISAS™ project.  The assessment of potential sites included numerous site surveys conducted in conjunction with relevant government authorities.  The criteria list for such assessments included over thirty factors, all of which had to be accounted for during each lengthy site visit.

New Nile Co team with the Red Sea Governorate agricultural team conducting site visits (Oct 2009)


Red Sea site visit with Dr. Carl Hodges and Governorate team; inspecting the mangroves (May 2010)

Red Sea site visit with Dr. Carl Hodges and Tamer Nassar; inspecting the shorelines (May 2010)

Red Sea site visit; Dr. Carl Hodges inspecting the shorelines (May 2010)