finally, a socially responsible way to produce profit

finally, a sustainable way to produce biomass

finally, a sustainable way to produce biomass

finally, an environmentally conscious way to produce food

finally, a sustainable way to produce biofuels

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Scalable & Integrated  The Red Sea Project has multiple production units developed in a phased approach, with each production unit designed to be scalable as the operations expand.  The key features of the Red Sea Project include:

Production Units: Units will include aquaculture ponds, salicornia plantations (a highly desirable biofuel feedstock), mangrove forests, and salt lakes.

Processing Facilities: Units will be required for the processing, packaging and distribution of the ISAS™ project’s primary products of liquid and solid biofuels, seafood and ancillary co-products of animal feed, protein meal, fertilizer, industrial salt and building materials.

Project Infrastructure: This will include administrative, accommodation, medical, recreational, educational (vocational), religious, R&D, storage, power generation (including renewable) and roads.