finally, a sustainable way to produce biofuels

finally, a socially responsible way to produce profit

finally, a reliable way to produce food

finally, a sensible way to produce profit

finally, an environmentally conscious way to produce biomass

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Selection Process

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Greening the Desert  Multiple sites located inland along the Red and Mediterranean Seas were identified and evaluated.  One of the key considerations in the site selection process is the existing human, animal and plant habitation.  Our overriding preference has always been to select a site which has little to no habitation of any kind, thus minimizing the risk of any potential negative social or environmental impacts.  In this regard, the current selected site is a great success, in that there is effectively no human presence on site, and negligible animal and plants presence—it truly is an arid, desert environment.  Thus the potential of displacing anything or anyone at the selected site really is minimal.

Investing in Design  New Nile Co is working together with Gensler, Key Development Services and H2O Futures to ensure that the site is designed in such a way that it will actually create an environment that is hospitable to human, plant and animal life.

Seawater Communities  The potential of organically developed “seawater communities” (i.e. communities based upon and catering to the sustainable operation of ISAS™ projects) is something which is commonly referred to as a long term potential benefit, easing the pressure of Egypt’s intensely overpopulated urban centers and providing an alternative place of living for those families along the Nile Delta that are threatened by ever increasing sea levels.