finally, a sensible way to produce food

finally, an environmentally conscious way to produce biomass

finally, a socially responsible way to produce profit

finally, an environmentally conscious way to produce biomass

finally, a reliable way to produce food

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21st Century Challenges  In the twenty-first century, Egypt is faced with an incredible array of challenges which, if not addressed, will create unnecessary and avoidable catastrophic risk.  Freshwater scarcity, food shortages, arable land depletion, staggering unemployment, population explosion and urban congestion are but a few of these challenges.  On the global stage, there are equally grand challenges such as global warming, sea level rise and the production of sustainable biofuels.  New Nile Co is combining Egypt’s abundant resources of desert land, untreated seawater and labor to address many of these national and global challenges through the development and operation of Egypt’s first commercial scale Integrated Seawater Agriculture System™ (ISAS™) project, the Red Sea Project.

The Red Sea Project  Since early 2009, this world class project development team has been working with key departments, agencies and decision-makers within the Egyptian Government to refine the project’s scope, secure requisite government support, articulate the project’s benefits and identify suitable potential sites for the project.  With an estimated value of several hundred million US Dollars, the Red Sea Project is poised to produce hundreds of thousands of tons of biofuels and food, in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner, to meet national and international demands for these highly sought-after products, creating over 6,500 permanent employment opportunities in the process and an additional 65,000 indirect employment opportunities.

Advanced Stage of Development  New Nile Co has completed its Prefeasibility Study for the Red Sea project based upon the selected site.  New Nile Co’s sponsors are presently engaged in discussions with a number of potential seed investors to secure requisite funding for the next stages of project development.  Moreover, New Nile Co is presently engaged in discussions with relevant Egyptian government authorities to acquire the selected project site.

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