finally, a reliable way to produce food

finally, an environmentally conscious way to produce food

finally, a sensible way to produce biomass

finally, an environmentally conscious way to produce biomass

finally, a sensible way to produce biomass

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Social & Economic

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Benefits, Benefits, Benefits  Amongst the many benefits of New Nile Co's ISAS™ projects are:

  • thousands of direct and indirect employment opportunities – aquaculture and agriculture are both labor-intensive and when practiced on a commercial scale, create thousands of direct and much needed employment opportunities; in addition, tens of thousands of indirect employment opportunities may be created through the provision of upstream and downstream goods and services;

  • industry diversification, creation and expansion opportunities – the operation of an ISAS™ project not only creates new industries such as biofuel and food production, but also facilitates the expansion and creation of new industries providing goods and services to the ISAS™ project, as well as those purchasing products from the ISAS™ project to create value added products;

  • significant export opportunities – securing hard currencies is a critical target for any developing nation; the export of ISAS™ biofuel and food products to other nations facilitates the repatriation of such currencies to the countries of operation;

  • sizable contributions towards national food security targets – the practice of aquaculture and agriculture in areas never before contemplated, facilitates the mass production of food products, which help achieve much needed food security for developing nations, with less reliance upon food imports;

  • sustainable biofuels production – the mass production of biofuels which do not compete with food resources, those which utilize fresh water and arable land, has until now been an unachievable target; ISAS™ allows for the environmentally and socially responsible and sustainable production of biofuels;

  • hundreds of millions of USD in foreign direct investment – commercial scale ISAS™ projects require substantial capital expenditures to create an environment suited to a fully integrated operation, relying upon continuous flow seawater rivers; this represents significant FDI for host countries;

  • population relocation opportunities – the implementation of ISAS™ projects in parts of the world which are otherwise inhospitable to humans, foster the development of “seawater communities” that will provide goods and services to the ISAS™ project, thus alleviating the overpopulated urban landscape of many developing nations;

  • effective land utilization – many developing nations are blessed with an abundance of land which, due to climate and soil conditions and freshwater unavailability, remains unproductive to this day; ISAS™ technologies allow for the environmentally responsible and sustainable exploitation of these lands.

Seawater Communities  In fact, the potential of organically developed "seawater communities" (i.e. communities based upon and catering to the sustainable operation of ISAS™ projects) is something which is commonly referred to as a long term potential benefit of an ISAS™ project, easing the pressure of intensely overpopulated urban centers and providing an alternative place of living for communities displaced by ever increasing rising sea levels.

People & Community - Improved Quality of Life

Economic Diversification: New & Existing Employment Opps