finally, a socially responsible way to produce biomass

finally, a sustainable way to produce biomass

finally, a reliable way to produce biofuels

finally, a sensible way to produce profit

finally, a socially responsible way to produce food

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Greening the Desert  One of the key considerations in the site selection process is the existing human, animal and plant habitation.  Our overriding preference has always been to select a site which has little to no habitation of any kind, thus minimizing the risk of any potential negative social or environmental impacts.

Design Intelligence  New Nile Co is working together with Gensler, Key Development Services and H2O Futures to ensure that the site is designed in such a way that it will actually create an environment that is hospitable to human, plant and animal life. In Eritrea, seawater irrigation lead to the creation of an open freshwater lens (pictured here below) bringing to the surface fresh water that would otherwise have been inaccessible.  Moreover, the wetlands created led to a vast increase in the natural biodiversity of the region, with bird species increasing tenfold.