finally, a sustainable way to produce biofuels

finally, a sensible way to produce biomass

finally, a socially responsible way to produce biomass

finally, a sensible way to produce biomass

finally, a reliable way to produce biomass

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Something for Everyone  There are in fact multiple drivers for the development of New Nile Co, all of which are inextricably intertwined.  There is a desperate need to address global environmental issues such as climate change and rising sea levels, amongst other things.  There is also a great need to produce valuable products which are presently in ever-decreasing supply (e.g. food, biofuels, etc.), whilst capitalizing on an abundance of otherwise unproductive natural resources (i.e. untreated seawater and desert land).  Viewing New Nile Co from a holistic perspective, one can fully appreciate the value of the social, economic and environmental benefits.  New Nile Co offers something for everyone.