finally, a reliable way to produce food

finally, a sensible way to produce biofuels

finally, a socially responsible way to produce food

finally, a sustainable way to produce food

finally, a socially responsible way to produce food

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The Seawater Foundation

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The Seawater Foundation was founded in 1977 as a nonprofit organization in an attempt to alleviate some of the world's most complex ecological problems through a unique approach which draws seawater inland, irrigating otherwise barren coastal desert regions and turning them green.  The Seawater Foundation has spent several decades in research and basic implementation of seawater agriculture and aquaculture technologies and continues to pursue new research along the same fronts, and to use seawater to plant forests of mangroves and other appropriate halophytes for carbon sequestration.

It has always been the belief of the Seawater Foundation and it's supporters that for environmental efforts to make a difference, they must also be economic successes.  And for business to flourish in the 21st century, they must take planetary environmental enhancement as part of their "bottom line".