finally, a sensible way to produce biofuels

finally, a socially responsible way to produce biofuels

finally, an environmentally conscious way to produce food

finally, a sustainable way to produce biomass

finally, a reliable way to produce profit

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About Us

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Our Mission  To create wealth, opportunity and jobs through Integrated Seawater Agriculture Systems™

A Unique Partnership  Achieving our mission requires a unique partnership. Dr. Carl Hodges, Chairman of The Seawater Foundation and Co-Chair of Global Seawater, Inc., often quotes a line from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s book, Walking the Talk, which states: “It will require the types of partnership never before witnessed in human history.”  The “it” refers to sustainable development and in our case, the realization and launch of commercial scale Integrated Seawater Agriculture System™ projects.

The Sponsors  New Nile Co’s sponsors are a consortium of for-profit and non-profit organizations: Energy Allied Egypt, Energy Allied International, The Seawater Foundation and Global Seawater, Inc. Collectively, they include agriculturalists, aquaculturists, hydrologists, economists, analysts, accountants, physicists, engineers, architects, landscapists and lawyers.  Spanning nine cities, five countries and four continents, this extraordinary group of professionals, each with a unique skill-set, complement one another and make possible the realization of New Nile Co.

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