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Welcome to New Nile Co

finally, a sustainable way to produce biofuels

finally, a reliable way to produce profit

finally, a sustainable way to produce profit

finally, an environmentally conscious way to produce biomass

finally, a socially responsible way to produce biomass

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Welcome to New Nile Co

The Challenge  The world’s rapidly expanding population is causing untold stress on global food production and freshwater supplies.  As deforestation, industrialization and the use of hydrocarbon-based fuels increase throughout the world, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere continues to rise. The subsequent global warming has resulted in, amongst other things, escalating sea level rise, which now threatens coastal cities throughout the world.  There is an urgent need to find new, innovative approaches to address these environmental, social and economic issues challenging the world’s inhabitants.

The Solution  New Nile Co offers a solution which utilizes globally abundant resources for biofuel production, food production and afforestation; all of which yield substantial socio-economic and environmental benefits to countries with rising populations and limited cultivatable land…that solution is Integrated Seawater Agriculture Systems™ (ISAS™) .

A Paradigm Shift  For the last 10,000 years, man-kind has seen the growing of crops on land to be dependent upon the supply of fresh water – which is often limited.  ISAS™ provides the key to revising that view, to seeing the potential of tapping the limitless supply of seawater to grow crops, to seeing a shift in the water paradigm. ISAS™ represents a truly transformational set of technologies for biofuel and food production.  It will make a significant contribution to the economic and energy security of host countries and establish them as global leaders in a new energy-related technology.

Unique in Class  An ISAS™ system requires no arable land — and actually consumes more CO2  than it produces. It is designed to use seawater rather than fresh water and to produce its own fertilizer, rather than use external fertilizer.  Unlike traditional biofuel production systems that generally displace food products, ISAS™ is a closed loop, integrated system that combines untreated seawater with arid, desert lands to yield mass quantities of both biofuels and food, amongst other things, through the practice of aquaculture and agriculture.


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